Relationships are very delicate and may require extra effort on the part of the players to maintain. However, everyone actually longs for relationships that can provide added security and comfort when they need. Building efficient, effective and lasting relationships is a huge necessity. This is mainly due to the fact that people do not work well when they are solitary. We humans are social animals and we need to be in a community in order to function properly. For example, in a company or organization, the well being of the organization as well as the staff will depend on the coordination and interrelationship of the staff along with the management.

It can often get very frustrating for a very social person, when a group that the person is in is not functioning properly and is on the verge of a breakdown. Whenever these kinds of situations arise the efficiency of the group falls radically and can create havoc in the system and ultimately leading to a catastrophic failure of the organization. Our society is based on a web of relationships, but every contributing party must act efficiently and effectively towards the betterment of society. Having a relationship that is really is always good; this creates a growth in the feelings of cooperation and mutual respect.

In order to maintain a good relationship both parties need to put in effort towards understanding the other parties’ feelings and situation, this is the foundation stone of any strongly built relationship which can last a lifetime. Making the simple choices will allow the corresponding party in a relationship to understand that how important they are to you.

Openly expressing your feelings regarding any matter concerning to the relationship is another plus, as this will allow the other party to understand that you are willing to make a commitment towards the betterment of the relationship. And this will also allow you to make conscious decisions based on the fact that how the other party is reacting to your decision to discuss everything openly.

Mutual respect is the key to any good relationship and should be maintained at all costs. It is not only enough to just create a relationship and maintain it but it is equally important to him the respect of the other parties and also to give them their due respect they deserve. Showing respect does not mean that you have to bow to every decision that the other party makes but rather it should be about understanding your parties’ situation and acknowledging it in a very personalized manner. Always make sure that you never make quick judgments based on unproven facts or pre-existing prejudice.

Another key to a successful relationship is to tackle the differences of the other concerned party directly. For example, definite times can be allowed to each party so that they can express their feelings respectfully.

Let’s make it a win-win situation

This strategy can be opted when at least one party succeeds in acknowledging the fact that the relationship is important to them. Only after this realization the concerned party will put in much more effort, tying, and money and even thought into the fact that the relationship can be made better. There should be no pre-judgment by any party and the situation should be allowed to mature on its own.

An active decisions making should be a part of the relationship and issues and concerns should be discussed openly and thoughtfully. Both parties should be aware of the situation and must tackle the situation in understanding manner. An environment should be available by both parties can express their feelings and regrets as and when they see necessary without harming the effective dynamics of the relationship. The failure to express feelings can quite easily hinder the progress off an efficient and effective relationship and can even lead to an ultimate disintegration of the relationship pattern.

It is not all about individual relationships but for corporate as well as individual relationships the above rules do apply and one must always take care not to offend or harm the other party and still expect the other party to continue on with the relationship. It is highly unlikely that once they realize that you are not worthy of their attention and effort they will actively sever the relationship.

Just like in a close relationship every relationship must go through a period of hardships and even disagreements, but for every disagreement if there was breakdown in the relationship no marriage today will stay on for long. We would have seen much more devotions than actually marriages. This actually means that relationships are not very fragile and are often very tolerant errant behavior and will accept certain amount of liberty taken with the relationship.

Relationships are important to almost everyone, and addressing issues and concerns just when they occur is a must in order to maintain and even improve the relationship.